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Image Credit: Sky Sports

Kylian Mbappe’s battle with the French Football Federation has resurfaced concerning an issue over the usage of his image rights as the star forward snubbed a photo shoot with fellow teammates of the national football team.

This comes after a recent agreement a few months back between Kylian’s camp and French Football Federation President Noel Le Graet over the player’s image rights that was supposed to run until the end of the upcoming World Cup.

The Les Bleus have a collective agreement that governs the rights of the France team as a whole where each player receives equal pay in image rights income. However, Kylian Mbappe’s image rights income relating to the national team goes to charity.

Mbappe’s refusal to participate in the national team’s photo-shoots is due to the player seeking to change the industry in his own way, trying to use his position to be a good example for children by refusing to promote ad campaigns related to junk food and gambling.

The Les Bleus are one of the French sports franchises under sponsorship from Betclic, a local betting giant with whom they have a 5 year deal alongside Uber Eats. Mbappe does not want to associate with brands that market products that can lead to obesity in children. Likewise, he believes that sports betting is a danger especially for young people who idolize him.

Mbappe’s camp released a statement saying that their client snubbing the photo-shoot is due to a refusal by the federation to modify the convention of his image rights and that he and his representatives deeply regret that no agreement could be reached before the World Cup.

Kylian Mbappe is well aware of his own value and a slick view of the past summer window highlights this. During negotiations with Real Madrid before his unsuccessful move, Madrid offered him 75% of his image rights, which was way higher than 50% of what Paris Saint Germain offered although PSG offered him financial compensation to fill the gap in the form of his high wages.

Despite the fallout, Kylian Mbappe remains a hot property for any big brand, as they would want to profit from the commercial activities associated with using his image rights.

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